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Asiri Medical Hospital

Identified as the parent to the Asiri Group of Hospitals, Asiri Medical Hospital is committed to being a compassionate, efficient, dynamic and affordable private healthcare service provider. Our patients receive the best nursing care thanks to our well experienced nursing staff.

Stringent quality standards combined with heartfelt nursing care help ensure that patients receive the best experience. This is one of the many reasons why medical professionals across Sri Lanka place their trust in Asiri Medical Hospital to ensure the patient satisfaction.

With a reputation of over 30 years Asiri Medical Hospital is well reputed for its mother & baby care. Ensuring you and your new born is in good health is a commitment given by the hospital along with specialized and heartfelt care to make sure you live more and celebrate life.

What sets us apart

Take a look at our facilities and services. You’ll see that we really do offer you a better experience all round.

The hospital’s services include:

  • Critical care wards
  • A high-tech neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Dialysis unit
  • Three well-equipped operating theatres
  • 24-hour fully computerised modern pathology laboratory
  • 9-bed intensive care unit (ICU)
  • E-channelling consultation
  • 24-hour emergency medical service unit
  • 24-hour treatment of casualties
  • 24-hour out-patient (OPD) service
  • 24-hour pharmacy
  • 24-hour electrocardiogram (ECG)/Holter monitoring
  • Stress electrocardiogram (ECG) testing
  • Echocardiography with 2D Doppler analysis
  • Stress echocardiography
  • 32 slice computerised tomography (CT) scanner
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • X-ray with image intensifying and screening facilities
  • Periodic medical check-up scheme
  • Approved hospital status for medical examination for overseas employment & visa requirements
  • Out-station & overseas sample collecting centres (more than 250 centres including 2 centres in Maldives)
  • Mobile laboratory service
  • Mobile electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • An emergency health care service available to registered customers