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Amazing care

Amazing Care is a Mobile Hospital Service offered through all Asiri Group Hospitals


Asiri Amazing Care: Premier Packages  Registration  Annual Membership
Senior Citizens (Couple) - Age above 55 years  3,000.00  7,000.00
Family (Husband, Wife & 2 children)  3,000.00  10,000.00
Individual   3,000.00  5,000.00


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A membership card will be issued after registration (valid for one year)


  • Doctor and Nurse On-call for Home visits (this includes IV Therapy, Catheterization, Enemas, Dressings, etc.)
  • 24 hour Ambulance services
  • 24 hour Customer Care (Patients could be assessed by a qualified Doctor and treated at home or transferred to a hospital on patient's preference)
  • Patient Transfers:
    - From any part of the country
    - Inter-hospital transfers
  • Transfers (for Channelling, investigations, imaging procedures and Dialysis, etc.)
  • Deliver of routine medication
  • Mobile Lab service and delivery of Lab Reports
  • International Air Ambulance Transfers

10% Discount to in-patients on:

  • Room charges
  • Laboratory Services
  • Imaging (X-Ray, CT, MRI, US Scan, DEXA and Mammogram)
  • Dental Procedures - on hospital charges only
  • Physiotherapy - on hospital charges only

Discounts on OPD charges

  • 10% on Laboratory services
  • 5% discount on pharmacy bill value over Rs.1000/-
    (Discount applicable only from pharmacies located at Asiri Hospitals)

 *See rate card for applicable charges


Hotline: +94 11 466 0066 

Mobile: +94 77 235 4516 


Our medical and nursing teams are highly skilled and ICU trained with advanced life support certification. Our ambulance drivers are highly qualified in patient care with Red Cross Certification. The assistants are well trained in our hospitals for emergencies and assisting patients with safety and care.