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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is broadly defined as the act of traveling to obtain medical care in another country or region of the same country where specialized or economical medical care is available complemented with wellbeing and recuperation of acceptable quality with the help of support system.

Sri Lanka has become a destination of choice for patients from all hemispheres as the destination of choice for a wide range of medical services and surgical procedures. In addition to the tangible expertise of medical and nursing staff, allied health services staff, the intangible compassionate care of support services staff draws patients to tertiary care hospitals in Sri Lanka. If you would like to combine a medical procedure with a tropical vacation there can be no better option than Asiri Health, because we have access to a range of hospitality partners who can provide star class hotels and restaurant facilities for patients and their families.


Why choose Sri Lanka?

There is no better time for visitors to explore the legendary range of attractions available in the paradise island. In addition to the natural beauty, amazing history, cultural offerings and culinary delights, there is now the benefit of world class medical care. While sampling the traditional tourist destinations you can take the opportunity to get a comprehensive health check, or arrange a consultation with specialist medical consultants while enjoying a family holiday.

If you compare the costs of consultation, surgery and medication in your home country with Asiri Health it will be immediately clear that you should take the Asiri option.

About Asiri Health

‘Asiri’ is the Sinhala term for Blessing, and that is what we strive to be, for every patient who enters our doors. We are the leading private healthcare provider in Sri Lanka. Our people are dedicated, skilled and experienced healthcare providers and medical experts of international standard and reputation. We use cutting-edge medical equipment and technology in the treatment of patients, and collaborate with international experts and consultants where required, to treat overseas patients. We also follow the most stringent international standards in all our processes to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone. This is borne out by the Gold Seal of Approval awarded to our Asiri Central Hospital from the Joint Commission International of Quality Approval, a global benchmark for Health Care professionals.

About International Patient Care Unit

International patients receive a warm welcome at the Asiri group of hospitals. The Asiri International Patient Care Centre is set up at Asiri Central Hospital, to attend to our overseas patients, and provide a personalised health care solution for each patient. Our dedicated patient care team evaluates each patient’s symptoms and state of health, and ensures that the right combination of medical experts is selected to provide the optimum treatment plan for the patient. The specialized medical team will then be able to formulate and deliver the treatment as required.

In the meantime, the patient care team will communicate the treatment program to the patient, and immediate family and the discuss the payment plans with the paying party. Our International Patient Care Centre has a reputation for providing a seamless end-to-end service (Airport to hospital and back - inclusive of medical care, accommodation and transportation) of the highest global standards.

At Asiri Health we are committed to taking care of your medical concerns from the moment you initially contact us to the completion of your treatment, and convalescence. Our patient relationship staff will assist you from the time you arrive at the Colombo Airport, providing transportation to the hospital, arranging convenient accommodation near the hospital for your accompanying relatives, dealing with your insurance company, and numerous other details related to your stay at our facilities. The international division of Asiri Health, maintains long-term relationships with patients to ensure continuity of care, and assists in setting up communication between doctors and patients.

Services offered through the International Patient Care Centre

24hr Emergency & Accident Services

Ambulance Services

On-Call medical specialists

Professional recommendations of treatment options and doctors

Provide advice on estimated cost of treatments and procedures

Evacuation and repatriation assistance

Medical arrangements to secure an appointment within 24 hours

Accommodation arrangements

Guided Tours & Excursion arrangements within Sri Lanka

Visa application and extension arrangements

Airport transfers

Multi-language translation/interpreter service

Special food and beverage/religious arrangements

Post-care support

Other services upon request

How we work

Step 1
Contact Us

Step 2
Provide your medical requirements

Step 3
Get medical opinions/treatments and management plans/financial provisions

Step 4
Choose from options


Step 5
We reserve your medical appointments and arrange accommodation

Step 6
We arrange your airport transfers and other travel itineraries during your stay

Step 7
We will be with you throughout your stay

Step 8
We will provide post treatment follow up services after the completion of the medical treatment plan

Key Procedures

Read more about some of the cutting-edge procedures performed at Asiri Health

Nuclear medicine

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)

Kidney transplant

Interventional Radiology

Liver transplant


Bone Marrow Transplant

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