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What We Offer at Asiri

What we offer at Asiri

Asiri, roughly translated, means ‘a blessing’ – and that is exactly what we strive to be to each and every patient who enters our doors. We are your total healthcare provider – and that means you can reach out to us when you are ill or hurt, but also when you want to live life to the fullest and be your healthiest self.

We are a leading brand in private healthcare in Sri Lanka. Our people are some of the most dedicated, skilled and experienced healthcare providers and medical experts in the country. They are adept at using many of the most cutting-edge medical equipment and technology in the industry. We also follow the most stringent international standards in all our processes to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

All hospitals within the group rigorously maintain continuous compliance with internationally-recognized standards providing safe and effective patient care. Reflecting the organization’s commitment to quality and patient care, Asiri Central Hospital is a recipient of the Joint Commission International’s Gold Seal of Approval for Hospital Accreditation while Asiri Surgical Hospital, Asiri Medical Hospital, Asiri Hospital Galle and Asiri Hospital Matara, are all recipients of the Australian Health Care Accreditation (ACHS)

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