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Mother and Baby Care

Antenatal Programme

All of us at Asiri Health congratulate you on your good news! 

The coming weeks and months will be full of hope, love and excitement as you await the arrival of your newborn. There will be plenty of moments of anxiety and nervousness too - and that’s not unusual.

That’s why we have formulated a structured antenatal programme that seeks to provide you with the advice, reassurance and confidence you need as new parents. We’re delighted to extend our panel’s years of expertise free of charge to couples awaiting their beautiful newborn baby.

The programme seeks to equip parents with the knowledge and tried-and-tested practical tools to manage their pregnancy and early parenthood. The full programme consists of four sessions and is designed to show the expectant mother and her partner how to support each other and cope through an all-new experience. Furthermore, the group classes also create a warm and comforting space for couples going through similar experiences to interact and build bonds.

Whether you are first time parents or looking for a refresher course, our antenatal programme is designed to help you understand and appreciate;

  • The importance of balanced nutrition, staying active, adequate sleep and recommended weight gain
  • The importance of following your doctor’s advice and following your recommended plan of screening and testing
  • How best to manage pregnancy related illnesses, the danger signs to watch out for, and common pregnancy related risks
  • Ensuring the safety of your growing baby by being aware of potentially harmful medication or treatment that may be prescribed to you
  • The physical and emotional changes you will experience and how best to support each other through these
  • How to manage older kids when you introduce a newborn to your household
  • Why you must stay happy and relaxed


The programme will be structured into four sessions, covering the following topics:

Session 01  * Physiological changes during pregnancy
  * Antenatal care
Session 02 * Newborn care, vaccinations schedule, important milestones in infancy
  * Early childhood infections, detecting delay in growth and other abnormalities
  * Demonstration on breast feeding positions, bathing the newborn, holding a newborn, burping, umbilical care, injection site care, etc.
Session 03 * Maternal Nutrition for a healthier baby. Feeding the newborn and weaning
  * Psychological changes in pregnancy and postpartum and the required support
  * Hospital tour - includes wards, labour suites, OT, NICU and Blood Bank
Session 04 * Antenatal and post-natal exercises with demonstrations
  * Sexual health and family planning, supporting the partner

(Missed sessions may be caught up during the following month) 



Asiri Surgical Hospital, Auditorium, 12th floor


A 4 week programme conducted every Saturday from 10 am – 12 noon

How do I Register?

Please call the Mother and Baby care Coordinator on 0763 909099 or contact our general lines: Asiri Medical Hospital - 0114 523300 / Asiri Central Hospital  0114 665500.

How much does it cost?

This service is offered free of charge to expecting couples

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