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Asiri Agrahara

Asiri Agrahara

What is Agrahara?

Agrahara is an insurance scheme introduced by the Ministry of Public Administration Circular No: 5 /1997. It was established under the National Insurance Trust Fund on the 1st of January 2006. The policy was founded with the objective of affording private healthcare to almost 1,000,000 State employees and their dependants with the best in private treatment and care.

Why choose Asiri Health?

Asiri Health is the leading private healthcare service provider in Sri Lanka with over 3 decades of leading the way in care, healing and state-of-the-art technology.

Our hospitals are strategically located in Colombo; Asiri Medical Hospital, Asiri Surgical Hospital and Asiri Central Hospital while 2 hospitals are located in the Southern region these are; Asiri Hospital Matara and Asiri Hospital Galle with the latest addition to the Hospitals Group situated in the Central Province; Asiri Hospital Kandy.

Our Centres of Excellence

Equipped with the best diagnostic and medical technology, the very latest treatment techniques and the most skilled and experienced technical and medical teams, our Centres of Excellence deliver the best outcomes for patients.

Asiri Heart Centres

The Asiri Heart Centres are among the few facilities in the country with the advanced capability to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate acute cardiovascular disease. Equipped with the latest technology covering every aspect of cardiac care, from prevention to diagnosis, our cardiac programme benefits from advanced Cardiac Catherization Laboratories located at Asiri Central Hospital and Asiri Surgical Hospital.

Asiri Brain & Spine Centre

Located at Asiri Central Hospital, the Brain & Spine Center is the only facility in the country with the ability to diagnose, treat and care for a wide range of neurological disorders under one roof. The most advanced facility of it’s kind in Sri Lanka, the Asiri Brain & Spine Centre houses the only Biplaner Neuro-angiography unit and CT “Brain Lab” in the country.

Asiri Mother & Baby Care

Our structured antenatal programme seeks to provide all mothers with free professional advice and information, while our NICU is overseen by a team of Neonatologists, Neonatal Nurses and nurse coordinators.

Our Community Wellness Programmes

Location Consultation Clinics Contact No.
Asiri Central Brain and Spine 0765 485 229
Asiri Surgical Heart Care 0777 268 802
Asiri Surgical Hernia & Surgical Care 0762 307 676
Asiri Surgical Geriatric / Elder Care 0769 786 226
Asiri Surgical Liver Transplant 0763 704 613
Asiri Medical Pediatric Respiratory Care 0773 444 018
Asiri Medical Antenatal Classes 0763 909 099
Asiri Medical Well Woman Care 0763 909 099
Asiri Surgical Orthopaedic / Sports Medicine Care 0771 174 268
Asiri Central Breast Care 0764 987 111
Asiri Surgical Cancer Care 0773 796 702

After your initial free consultation, you may be referred to a specialised consultant, if further treatment is required. Charges will apply for medicine and further consultation.

Offers  Asiri
Medical Surgical Central Matara Galle
In Patient Discounts
Admission fee waived off                   
10% Discount on Standard Room                
20% Discount on Luxury Room             
10% Discount on Laboratory Investigations               
10% Discount on Radiology Investigations CT, MRI & Mammography               
10% Discount on Interventional Radiology procedures            
Out Patient Discounts
15% Discount on Laboratory Investigations
(Excluding Professional fee/s- all laboratories)
15% Discount on Radiology Investigations CT, MRI & Mammography
(Excluding Professional fee/s)
Rs. 10,000/= Discount on PET Scan           
10% Discount on Gamma Camera studies
(Excluding Professional fee/s)
10% Discount on Radiation therapy procedures
(Excluding Professional fee/s)
Special Packages & Other Services
Rs. 50,000/= Special discount on Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) surgery
(On-pump & off-pump)
Special Surgical Packages
Cardiac, Brain and Spine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, a General surgery, Orthopedic, Urology, Oncology, Eye, Varicose Veins, etc.
Special discounted package for Kidney Transplant            
Special discounted package for Baby Delivery              
10% Discount for Diabetes Packages           


All Asiri Hospitals have a dedicated facilitation counter that caters to any of your needs.

For more information call us

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